Baby and cat cuteness

It’s no secret that the cats have not been too pleased with Arya moving in. They have been needy, weird, and acting out. Hedwig actually took a poop on the living room carpet while I was watching TV with a friend yesterday. I took this as the cat equivalent of the middle finger. But, the cats are definitely interacting with her more. I’m not sure this means they are warming up to her (especially given Hedwig’s recent transgressions) but they sure make for some adorable pictures:

Holy S$&t!

Arya had her four month checkup yesterday. She is in the 20th percentile for weight and height and doctor said she is doing great overall and met all of her milestones. They gave her the second set of vaccinations and she was as upset as you would expect. I gave her some Tylenol when we got home and she zonked out and slept and slept and …. slept for fourteen hours straight! I’m still in shock. I checked on her a million times convinced something was wrong but she woke up with a huge, satisfied smile. And she finally noticed one of the cats today:


I was supposed to be tested to make sure the gestational diabetes were gone 6 weeks after I gave birth. It’s been 4 months and I still haven’t gone. I’m pretty sure this is because I don’t want to know but if I’m still diabetic I need to get it under control. I did check my blood sugar level a few months ago with my home machine. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either. I guess I’m writing this to hold myself accountable. I need to stay healthy- especially with the baby relying solely on me.

I did reactivate my gym membership yesterday. It’s really pricey but they have drop in childcare! Arya did great and I got 1.5 carefree hours to workout. Wow is my body tight and sore from taking care of this baby. I’m hoping to make this a habit before I go back to work but I have realistic expectations for my capacity after I start back up. And I felt great afterwards.  Also, if I just need a break I can drop Arya off and use the hot tub and sauna. The daycare woman highly recommend this.

6 more weeks..!

I go back to work in six weeks! Six months felt like a lifetime before I had Arya but the cliche is right- it goes by super fast. I’m kind of looking forward to using my brain in different ways again but it’s going to be such a huge adjustment. I was holding Arya this morning thinking about leaving her in daycare and I started tearing up.

I’m super excited I found an affordable-ish daycare two blocks from home but I do wish they were a little more hands on regarding the transition process. They are so laid back that it makes me slightly worried. But I would probably be worried no matter what so I’m trying to just enjoy this last six weeks and not create horror scenarios in my head about what could possibly happen to her in daycare.

In other news, Arya rocked our six hour cross country flight. She literally didn’t make more than a peep and slept 80% of the time. Strangers complimented us and I felt like a proud mama. People were also super great and offered help constantly. Here are a few pictures of our journey:


We had a bit of an adventure after arriving in New York on Tuesday. We did miss our connection and when I went to the desk to rebook our flight it was 50 people long so I went into the first class lounge hoping they would let us in. Thank god I did because we were helped right away and they gave us a hotel, a taxi voucher to the hotel, and a food voucher even though they weren’t obligated to do it because the delay was due to weather. They were also able to rebook is for the next day. Originally, not until 7pm but she pulled some strings and got us on an earlier flight. People definitely want to help a solo mom with a baby- at least in this instance.

They attempted to pull our luggage so I could get extra formula and diapers but after waiting an hour and being told it would be several more at 12:30 AM, I decided to buy some formula the next morning instead. I was reassured by someone that our luggage would be put back in the hold for our flight but I was skeptical.

The night in the hotel was rough. They didn’t have a crib so I made a pillow barricade on the bed but I was so nervous I barely slept. Arya didn’t do much better and at 6 am I put her in the stroller and wheeled her to sleep and we both slept for three hours. Then we had to take a Lyft to Walgreens for formula and it was about 95 degrees and 100 percent humidity. I was completely soaked with sweat when we got to the airport.

When we got to the airport I asked to be let off in baggage claim in order to make sure my bag was where it was supposed to be because we would be screwed without it. I had a feeling it might not be on the flight, and I was right. I spent 45 minutes being bounced all over and then this really nice airline employee was like: ” you can’t make this woman with a baby do this!” And she helped me find my bag and got us to the flight.

The woman who sat next to us on the plane looked at Arya and proclaimed: ” she smells like cheese!” She also told me that I couldn’t ask for a better seat mate because she loves kids and taught preschool for 10 years. Then she complained about the other kids on the flight, loudly and within earshot of their parents. I spent the ( luckily short) flight pretending to sleep so she would stop talking to me and to make it clear to the other parents that we were not traveling together.

We spent the first half of the trip at my sister’s house with my parents. We mostly swam and relaxed in the pool because it was super hot. It was so nice to have help and I was able to take some naps and go out by myself- such a luxury. On one of the days we picked strawberries and raspberries at a nearby farm. Everyone got into it- even my mom. The fields smelled like jam and the berries were super sweet. And Arya was chill and slept most of the time we were there. It as such a perfect upstate New York summer day.

I also got to see some friends- including my best friend who drove up from New York to meet Arya. I really wish we lived in the same city!

It was really hard to see my sister say goodbye to Arya. For some of the car ride I even ( briefly) contemplated moving back to New York.

Buffalo was pretty relaxing. We just hung out at my parent’s house and had lots of visitors. It was super great to see family, but we had a ton of visitors. And I found myself stressing that Arya would be ” good” while people were around. Arya is a really chill baby- but she is a baby and she is getting more aware of the world and her own likes/dislikes. She definitely had some meltdowns and wasn’t always down to be held by every single person who visited. I found myself apologizing a lot which is ridiculous because no one can expect a baby to be easygoing all of the time. I think some of this stress comes from being a single mom by choice and some feelings that I have to prove myself capable of raising a baby alone.

I also noticed that my mom was much more difficult when we were staying at her house. She argued with me a lot more about parenting stuff- mainly she thought the baby was always cold even though it was like 90 degrees out. I felt myself reverting back to feeling 16.

Despite this, we had a great time. And Arya rolled over for the first time! It was actually a back to front roll and it was extra special because me and my parents all saw it. Now she seems to have also mastered the front to back. No more leaving her on my bed or the couch for ” just a minute.”

My parents were so so sad to say goodbye to Arya and it just killed me. I definitely think we will be making the trip a lot more.

Right now we are on a four hour layover in Boston ( what was I thinking?) Arya smelt tbd while flight and so far has been snoozing away for the past two hours in the airport. Cross your fingers that this continues..

On the road again

We are heading to NY for two weeks with my family. Arya was a fabulous traveler when we meant to New Mexico but a cross country flight is a whole different ball of wax ( such a gross expression), so I’m crossing my fingers and toes she is ok.

Yesterday, I got an email from United asking if we wanted to take advantage of a promotion and switch to business class. I looked at it out of curiosity and it was about 1/4 of the price I expected it to be. I decided to go for it because hey- infant cross country travel is no joke.

Now we are at the airport in the fancy first class lounge. Our flight is delayed and we may be spending the night in New York City but I’m trying not to worry too much until I have to.

I brought a few 8 ounce bottles of pre-mixed formula and airport security was freaking out- even though formula is supposed to be exempt from the three ounce rule. They wanted me to open them- which completely defeats the purpose because they would go bad. So they decided I could leave them closed but they had to subject me to a complete pat down and search every inch of our carry on bags. Arya found this to be super entertaining- but I didn’t:

Mama’s night out

I’m so lucky to have an awesome friend willing to babysit so I had my first night out since having Arya on Wednesday. I went to see the band Snail Mail who I have been obsessed with for the past year. They are fronted by an amazing 19 year old female guitar player/songwriter. She takes up space unlike many musicians twice her age and growls/sings in such a unique and badass way. I had such a great time and bounced around and sang along.

And I only thought about the baby the whole time and checked my phone at least 100 times in the 5 hours I was gone. But hey, it’s a start.

I had a great moment in the bathroom where I found myself hating on my body in the mirror. Then I thought to myself, I’m not going to be fucking 40 years old and still hating on my body! It felt so good- and actually worked for the most part.

When I got home my awesome friend had put Arya down but forgot to take off her bib. Although it was after midnight I risked waking her up by taking it off of her because it could block her airway. Well- it woke her up and when she was almost completely asleep after 45 minutes of rocking her back to sleep-she projectile vomited all over both of us and peed all over herself when I was changing her.

Sometimes I do miss having a partner just so I can commiserate and laugh at times like these. Especially after this time a few months ago when she projectile pooped over my shoulder ( really) and it splattered on the wall.