She’s almost cooked

Only five weeks and a few days until I meet this little person. It’s going both really fast and excruciatingly slow. I had my last ultrasound yesterday and everything is looking good. She is measuring right on track at 4 pounds 13 ounces. I was born with a birth defect in both of my kidneys so they checked to make sure she doesn’t have a similar issue and her kidneys both looked perfect. Here are the adorable/creepy pictures:

Also, my belly seems to be growing bigger by the day:

In other news, I had a pretty intense experience Friday night. I went out to a beer garden with some friends and witnessed a small child have a seizure. The mom’s scream ( while her drink crashed to the ground) was frightening. I’m usually really calm in emergency situations but I completely froze and couldn’t even look in that direction. My friends said I looked super scared. I’m thinking this is some kind of mom instinct thing. Luckily the kid seemed much better after the seizure and they were able to carry him out while he was conscious. I have a feeling motherhood will bring with it a whole new set of emotions…

So. Many. Appointments.


I had another check-up with my OB this morning.  Baby is doing great and has a nice strong heartbeat.  But because I’m on insulin and have the tiny risk of uterine rupture due to my surgery, they are monitoring me like crazy.  I’m having weekly non-stress tests, another high contrast ultrasound (which i must say i’m excited about), another OB appointment, and a consult with the surgeon who will be doing my c section.  I’m also doing a newborn care class, a breastfeeding class, and a labor and delivery tour.  So I’ll be at an appointment or class 11 times in the next month.  That said, I do know I’m lucky to have access to this medical care (and free classes) but crap I’m overwhelmed.  Especially because this is my last month of work.  But a healthy kid is that most important thing-so I’ll be at all of them.

My OB  also told me that there is a whooping cough epidemic and that anyone who holds the baby has to have a vaccination for about the first 2 months.  I trust her because she is the opposite of alarmist but I have no idea how I will deal with this.  I suppose I’ll at least ask my family to get them before they get here.  She said there has been an increase in babies getting this because there are less people getting vaccinations.  I guess i’ll just add this to my list of stuff to worry about..

Uber makes me barf

Yesterday i was craving noodle soup and went to my favorite work lunch spot. It’s an annoyingly pretentious but delicious soba place on the ground floor of the Uber office building.  After eating maybe 1/3 of my food I start feeling queasy (which happens at lease 50% of the time right now). Usually I can breathe through it until I get to a bathroom to puke. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it this time and I threw up in the middle of the restaurant. When i looked up this hipster guy was staring at me with his mouth open. I was mortified and everyone was staring but no one tried to help me. I asked the cashier the code for the bathroom and ran in and puked my guts out. Afterwards I felt completely fine (as is usually the case) and when i walked out of the bathroom the manager was super pissed. I apologized and ran out of there. I actually wanted to grab the rest of my food but I was too embarrassed. When I got outside I started crying and messaged my friend who assured me I would be laughing about this one day.  The one silver lining is that Uber is a notoriously bad company (especially for women) and I refuse to use the app.  I actually protested them the day of Trump’s inauguration due to their ties to the administration.  So take that Uber!


Baby Shower Awesomeness

My shower was Sunday and my amazing friends went all out.  The theme they picked was the Golden Girls-which was absolutely perfect! (nothing says baby like sassy post-menopausal women!)  I dressed up like Dorothy in a flowered suit with shoulder pads that made me look like a drag queen.  Here are some of my favorite pictures: