Sleep training and other stuff

Sleep training is going great!  For the last two days, Arya has fallen asleep on her own with no crying.  I just give her a bottle until she is sleepy, put her in the crib, and say goodnight.  I feel very lucky to have gotten to this point so quickly and relatively painlessly.

Naptime is still much more challenging.  She does great at daycare but when she is with me on the weekends she resists napping with every fiber of her being.  I’m trying to keep her on the same schedule as daycare and while she looks tired (yawning, rubbing eyes) she still cries for about 30-45 minutes, when I put her down, before falling asleep.  But she will sleep for about an hour-so I suppose we are getting there.

Also, my mom had a stroke.  It was really mild but scary.  Especially given that my parents have both been in and out of the hospital since November.  And she had the stroke in the morning and didn’t tell anyone or go to the hospital until that night. Its so frustrating but she is just going to do what she is going to do.  As of now, it looks like she will make an almost full recovery so I am relieved but cautious-waiting for the next shoe to drop I guess.

I’ve been doing pretty good at eating better to control my blood sugar.  I’m just generally trying to cut down carbs and sugar and to eat more veggies.  I’m definitely feeling better so i hope its working.

Arya is at an amazing age where she seems to do new things almost daily.  She is also getting really fast at crawling and is obsessed with books.  We were given a membership to a kids amusement park called Fairyland that we can literally walk to from our house.  Its old and kitschy (so right up my alley) and is rumored to have inspired Walt Disney to create Disneyland.  A lot of the stuff is for bigger kids but she has been having a blast exploring:


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