The preeclampsia rollercoaster


At my non-stress test on Tuesday my blood pressure was really elevated and they also found some protein in my urine.  The doctor said I could possibly have preeclampsia and they sent me for further testing.  This freaked me out because all I know of preeclampsia is when Lady Sybil died of it on Downton Abbey.  I also have a friend who is in the hospital dealing with a rough case of it.

I got the automated test results online the next day and they showed levels of protein that were way above the cutoff for preeclampsia so I hurriedly emailed my doctor.  When I didn’t hear back from her I  left a voicemail and waited for a response while freaking out all morning at work.  When I finally spoke to the doctor she said I do have preeclampsia and they are moving my c-section date up a week to March 9th!   I called my family and tried to keep things calm so my mom wouldn’t freak out (it didn’t work) and they were (luckily) all able to change their travel plans.

They doctor also set me up with a blood pressure machine so I can monitor it daily.  I went in that afternoon to pick it up and to learn how to use it.  They took my bp a few times and it was really high 159/95.  This was concerning because the cutoff for necessary medical intervention is if the higher number is over 160 or the lower number is over 105 so I was right on the borderline.  Surprisingly, the nurse sent me on my way and I headed to an amazing Vietnamese restaurant to get dinner before my newborn care class later that night.  Right after the waitress put a huge bowl of delicious pho in front of me, I noticed I had 5 missed calls from my doctor’s office.  I guess the nurse spoke to the doctor and they wanted me to go to labor and delivery ASAP.  So I gulped down my soup and headed to the hospital to possibly have a baby.

The labor and delivery nurses put me on a baby heartbeat monitor and checked my blood pressure regularly for about 2 hours.  The numbers went down quite a bit and the doctor decided I didn’t need to deliver and I was sent home.  phew!

This morning my I had another appointment and my blood pressure is completely normal. My c section is still on for the 9th.  So yeah, I’m going to be a mom in a week!