She’s almost cooked

Only five weeks and a few days until I meet this little person. It’s going both really fast and excruciatingly slow. I had my last ultrasound yesterday and everything is looking good. She is measuring right on track at 4 pounds 13 ounces. I was born with a birth defect in both of my kidneys so they checked to make sure she doesn’t have a similar issue and her kidneys both looked perfect. Here are the adorable/creepy pictures:

Also, my belly seems to be growing bigger by the day:

In other news, I had a pretty intense experience Friday night. I went out to a beer garden with some friends and witnessed a small child have a seizure. The mom’s scream ( while her drink crashed to the ground) was frightening. I’m usually really calm in emergency situations but I completely froze and couldn’t even look in that direction. My friends said I looked super scared. I’m thinking this is some kind of mom instinct thing. Luckily the kid seemed much better after the seizure and they were able to carry him out while he was conscious. I have a feeling motherhood will bring with it a whole new set of emotions…

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