Uber makes me barf

Yesterday i was craving noodle soup and went to my favorite work lunch spot. It’s an annoyingly pretentious but delicious soba place on the ground floor of the Uber office building.  After eating maybe 1/3 of my food I start feeling queasy (which happens at lease 50% of the time right now). Usually I can breathe through it until I get to a bathroom to puke. Unfortunately, I didn’t quite make it this time and I threw up in the middle of the restaurant. When i looked up this hipster guy was staring at me with his mouth open. I was mortified and everyone was staring but no one tried to help me. I asked the cashier the code for the bathroom and ran in and puked my guts out. Afterwards I felt completely fine (as is usually the case) and when i walked out of the bathroom the manager was super pissed. I apologized and ran out of there. I actually wanted to grab the rest of my food but I was too embarrassed. When I got outside I started crying and messaged my friend who assured me I would be laughing about this one day.  The one silver lining is that Uber is a notoriously bad company (especially for women) and I refuse to use the app.  I actually protested them the day of Trump’s inauguration due to their ties to the administration.  So take that Uber!


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