More diabeetus BS

warning: lots of whining below..

So my blood sugar levels continue to be a mystery.  As expected, the tiny increase in my insulin has done nothing to help my fasting levels.  But now I’m getting some high readings after my daily meals.  The most frustrating part of this is that many of the foods causing the high readings were perfectly fine 1-2 weeks ago.  I’m assuming my placenta is giving off more hormones but it totally sucks.  Two weeks ago I made this amazing pumpkin curry with brown rice and my readings every time I ate it were perfect.  I remade a huge pot of it this week for lunches and dinners and its sending my blood sugar through the roof.  This is the same for my go-to breakfasts of plain yogurt and granola or wheat toast with peanut butter.  Also, the meter I’ve been using to test isn’t exactly the most accurate.  Today I tested two minutes apart and there was a 12 mg difference.

I’m feeling a bit of a guilt because I want to do the best I can for the baby.  Every time I get a high reading I think about how they said I could be increasing her changes of getting diabetes.  Rationally, I know i’m being unreasonably hard on myself but it still worries me.  I’m hoping my call with the nurses on Friday will chill me out.

I also had a crappy confrontation with a woman on the subway this morning.  She was sitting in the pregnant/disabled seats and I asked if I could sit down.  She gave me a very rude/skeptical look and I got annoyed and said “hey, if you don’t need this seat, I’d like to sit down because I’m 8 months pregnant!”  She glared and me, got up, and said “well I couldn’t even tell.”  Arghh… First of all, I look really pregnant but even if I didn’t she should still be prepared to give up the seat if she doesn’t need it.  Also lot of disabilities aren’t visible and she should give people the benefit of the doubt.

Ok rant over.  On the positive side, only 4.5 weeks until maternity leave!

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