How are you feeling?

This is the most common question I get. People are definitely being kind asking and I feel like such a Debbie downer when I answer honestly. I usually decline to tell them about my daily projectile vomits and struggles with my blood sugar and answer ” ummm… ok.”

The insulin has done nothing to help my fasting levels and just feels like an exercise in futility. They told me to increase it by one tiny unit tonight and the nurse acknowledged that this would likely do nothing to help but that she is only authorized to increase it by 20% every three days. She also said I should wake up at 3am the next few nights to check my blood sugar. I swear they are just fucking with me at this point.. Here is my typical bedtime ritual these days:

My work threw me an amazing shower last week. Everyone chipped in and generously gave me a bunch of money toward daycare. It was seriously the perfect gift. They also decorated pages of good wishes for my baby. This included a lot of dinosaurs, cats, and social justice messages. I feel so lucky to work with such awesome people!

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