So I’ve had my gestational diabetes generally under control since my diagnosis. The big exception has been my fasting blood sugar levels ( the time when I fall asleep to when I wake up). It’s really counter-intuitive because you would think my numbers would be lower while fasting. The nurses explained to me that after a certain amount of fasting, your body ( when you have GD) puts out more blood sugar. I have tried everything they have told me to do which has mainly consisted of eating late-night snacks so my body isn’t without food for more than 9-10 hours. It’s been annoying because I’ve been exhausted so I’m setting an alarm for midnight so I can eat cheese or other protein. Unfortunately, this hasn’t worked and I have to start taking insulin. Given all the ups and downs of this pregnancy, I’ve just kind of accepted it because there is nothing I can do about it. Also, I’m not afraid of the needles considering the 200+ I injected myself with during IVF. It also helps that they have assured me this isn’t because I’ve done anything wrong and that it will go away right after I give birth.

In more positive news, my work is throwing me a baby shower tomorrow and the epic shower my friends are planning is next weekend! And I have been taking full advantage of the huge claw foot tub in my bathroom. I swear baths are the best when you are pregnant.

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