Post holiday update

Christmas at home was awesome and relaxing. I spent most of my time planted on my parent’s couch eating their food. It hovered close to zero for a lot of the time I was there so I didn’t go out too much. But I did manage to take this ridiculous ” maternity ” photo in front of my favorite local hot dog place:

I got back to California with four more days off and spent most of it getting my place ready for the bean. I feel so so lucky to have such a huge community who will help me shop, move things around, and put together furniture. Here are some pictures of our progress:

I expected going back to work to be tough after 10 days off, but I was feeling even worse than I thought I would.  When I got home Tuesday night my stomach was making crazy noises and I had terrible diarrhea. I called the advice nurse and they were worried it could be early labor so they insisted I see my OB the next day. I wasn’t too worried because I hadn’t felt any contractions and the bean was kicking up a storm.

The OB said the baby was fine but that I have the norovirus. Also, I had her take a look at my above the butt area ( good times) because I had been having a lot of pain there and my condition caused some butt blisters/ ulcers. They are so painful she prescribed me Norco ( codeine) but I’ve been avoiding it because it’s probably not good for the baby.

Now I’m working from home praying this goes away ASAP. Ohh the joys of pregnancy.

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