Worst Morning Ever

This morning I ate part of a frittata with veggies and a small piece of wheat toast.  This has been my go to diabetes meal and has kept my glucose level down but also fills me up.  Unfortunately today, I suddenly have an aversion to eggs and I had to choke it down. I felt fine afterwards, until I went into the kitchen and began projectile vomiting all over.  So not only did I have to puke and feel crappy, but I had to clean it all up.  Which made me 30 minutes late for work.

When I was walking to the train I started thinking about how much easier this would have been if I had a partner.  So I was late and already in a terrible mood getting on the train.  And the only seat left was next to a guy who hadn’t showered in a few days (at least).  I almost puked again in the barf bag I carry for such awesome occasions.  Instead, I put on a ton of chapstick that smells like chocolate and took long sniffs of my diet snapple. Then I finally was able to move to another seat.  I started listening to this amazing podcast called “How to Raise a Girl” about a mom and her transgender 3 year old and I started weeping.

I was a total mess when I got to work but luckily, I have the best supervisor ever and I just laid down for 15 minutes until the nausea completely passed.  Only 3 more days until I go home for Christmas!  I can’t wait to have someone take care of me for a while!

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