So I tested positive for gestational diabetes last week.  Although this comes as no big surprise given my PCOS insulin intolerance, i’m pretty bummed out.  Especially because its Christmas-aka eating carbs with reckless abandon (especially my aunt’s homemade raviolis).  Also, I got the diagnosis after making 3 batches of sugar cut-out cookies-my absolute favorite.  I had them in a big container in my freezer and quickly realized i have no self control.  I fluctuated from justifying that i could eat them until my nutritionist appointment the following week (because they didn’t “count” yet) and guilt that I’m hurting my my baby.  So I brought them to work.  Aren’t they beautiful though:


The nutritionist was actually really nice and reassured me its not my fault.  She also said I do need to eat carbs and lots of snacks.  They also taught me how to test my bloodsugar because I have to do it four times a day.  Generally things have been going well but I’m struggling with my fasting blood sugar-the amount when you first wake up.  I’m supposed to eat something around 10-11 pm to avoid issues at wake-up but i’ve had varied results.  I’m talking to the nurse today so I’ll see if she has an idea of what to do.

In other news the baby is kicking away and i’m still nauseous/puking on and off.  But, I’m super excited for the holidays this year and will be going to Buffalo for 5 days.  I’m excited to see the snow and lie on the couch and have my family take care of me.  Yesterday, my dad said that they have a few inches so I hope it sticks around.  I’ll also see my extended family who have been shockingly supportive of my pregnancy.  They even chipped in and bought me the $300 stroller/car seat combo from my registry. I usually don’t look super forward to holidays with the family so it’s nice to be excited.

I had a funny conversation with my mom about my 12 year old nephew yesterday where she was insistent he still believes in santa claus so she wants to continue to play along. What almost 13 year old still believes in santa claus? But i did decide that i’m going to do santa claus for my kid.  I was a bit conflicted because I don’t want to lie to my kid and santa claus is a capitalist plot to sell more presents.  But, I have such awesome memories of putting cookies out and waking up on christmas morning.  Also, the world is so devoid of “magic” right now so it can’t hurt.


3 thoughts on “Diabeetus

  1. I had GD… Have a few blog posts about it from this time last year. I was mad too! But it turned out I didn’t really have it, or it was mild. Test your blood sugar a while and you may find you can have the stuff you want! Cookies look great! Glad baby is doing well and kicking up a storm!


    1. I really hope you right! I feel like I haven’t figured out a rhyme or reason to it yet. For example, the other night I was at a Hannukah party and ate 5 latkes (potato pancakes) and a piece of fried chicken and my blood sugar was perfect. All i want is those cookies!


      1. Haha! Mine went crazy for certain things like Yorkshire pudding (I’m in the UK!) But was perfectly fine with hot chocolate and whipped cream! 😂


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