The pukes are back..


Yes, this is a post about puke.

During my first trimester of hellish nausea everyone I spoke to said to look forward to the amazing second trimester of bliss.  My nausea did go away for an amazing 6 weeks but in the last two weeks it has decided to come back to seriously fuck with me.  Luckily, its not the 24/7 nausea I had before.  Instead I have completely random bouts of violent projectile vomiting.  Good times.  It usually comes out of nowhere and I usually feel much much better afterwards but it has been very very inconvenient.  For example, three mornings ago, I was feeling fine and I took a big swig of OJ before leaving my place.  As soon as I hot the hallway i immediately barfed all over my building’s carpeted floor.  Luckily none of my neighbors were present but it was mortifying. That night, I met a friend for dinner before going to a meditation sit.  I started to feel a little nauseous on the train but I decided it was because I was super hungry.  I ordered a big vermicelli bowl and felt much, much better after I started eating.  When i was halfway through I was suddenly hit with the most intense nausea and almost threw up on the table.  Luckily, I was able to run to the bathroom where I projectile vomited everything I had just eaten.  And I felt so good afterwards that I ate the other half of my food and was fine.

In more positive news, I’ve been socializing a lot more in an effort to do as much as I can before this baby comes.  Last night I was supposed to see a movie with an old friend and was randomly gifted two free tickets to the San Francisco opera!  The seats were amazing (5th row at about $400 for the pair) and we had a blast hanging out and making fun of the snooty rich people around us in the fancy seats.  The opera was new and was about people coming to California for the gold rush.  It was very diverse and most of the characters were people of color-which I’m assuming isn’t the norm.  It was weird and really dark and very political.  One of the main characters was a former slave who gave a long monologue about racism and being a black man after the end of slavery.  A couple (obviously offended) walked out during this and there were whispers about how rude they were because they were in the front row.  All in all, it was awesome to get to do something I normally wouldn’t make an effort to do on my own.




2 thoughts on “The pukes are back..

  1. The nausea has returned here too, it’s awful. I had horrendous sickness until 15 weeks, it disappeared for 10 days, maybe 2 weeks, and now at 19 weeks it’s still here. It appears out of nowhere which is so frustrating because I never know when it’ll hit

    I hope we both have some relief soon!


    1. Ughh I’m sorry to hear that! Yeah heres hoping we both get some relief soon. I feel like this is the first time in my life when I’ve had difficulty gaining weight!


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