Pregnancy Dreams are f-ing weird

I’m having crazy pregnancy dreams almost every night.  Here are a few over the last few days:

*I’m at the most amazing nacho bar ever and I’m starving.  It has every amazing topping available and I pile my plate high with amazingness.  I bring my nachos to a large picnic table to eat but I can’t pick them up.  Every time I reach for them they seem to fall through the plate.  I make myself another plate and the same thing happens.  I wake up hungry.

*I’m super pregnant and about to give birth.  I’m with my mom in my childhood home and I know the baby is coming.  I squat down and grab the baby and it’s a toddler.  I’m super confused and mad that she is so big it’s hard to hold her.  My mom doesn’t get why I’m upset and we wrap the “baby” in a huge pink blanket.


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