More progress.

I had the last four days off from work so project declutter continued.  I got really motivated after having a  cleaning person come give me a quote for a deep clean.  She was a bit appalled by all of my stuff (and probably that I haven’t cleaned the inside of my oven for 5 years).   She did agree to do it for $300 which seems like a great deal considering she estimates it will take 2 days (i swear I don’t live in squalor you guys).

I also had lunch with my now ex husband to celebrate our divorce-which became official a week ago!  So yeah things are very amicable and it’s now completely obvious that we make way better friends than spouses (i’ve been working on a long post detailing this very long story).  He seemed very happy for me and I’m sure relieved that we aren’t having a baby together.  What a huge difference a few years makes!

Here are some pictures of my progress.  I wish I had taken “before” pictures because these two closets used to be completely filled floor to ceiling:

And here is my bookshelf already filled with baby stuff:


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