14 weeks

I had an ultrasound last week and the baby is growing right on track. She kind of has a human head but if you turn it sideways she looks like a Poodle:

I’m still feeling nauseous but it seems to be getting a bit better. I’m starting to think it’s partially stress related because it got much better when I was away this weekend.

I went camping with two families that included 5 kids under 7. The kids were really fun but as expected, exhausting. The campsite was on this beautiful beach near Santa Cruz and it was amazing to get away and breathe the ocean air. I’m not super pregnant so sleeping in a tent was ( for the most part) fine.

I definitely have a little bump now but I don’t think I’m that noticeably pregnant yet. I’m still asking for the pregnant seat every morning on the train and have become immune to the stink eye that sometimes happens as a result.

It’s funny the “advice” people give you. I ran into a friend I hadn’t seen for a while and he asked me if I’m making enough money for a baby. He also suggested I ditch my non- profit job for something corporate.

Umm, I know you ( sort of) mean well but I’m a successful adult who knows how expensive it is to have a kid in the SF Bay Area. Also, I doubt he would have said this to a guy! I should have responded “geez ( slapping my forehead) I never thought about this before- I’m so glad I ran into you!”