telling the world

So my nausea has reared its disgusting head again.  Unfortunately, my new office has public restrooms on each floor so I’ve had the excellent experience of puking in a stall next to an uncomfortable person scrambling to finish peeing so they can get out of there.  If this continues I’m going to try the Zofran (which is also prescribed to people with cancer) to see if I can get some relief.  I weighed myself yesterday and I’ve lost 5 pounds since I got pregnant which can’t be good.   it’s so strange to be really excited and grateful to be pregnant but to actually hate being (physically) pregnant.  Oh appetite, how I miss you!

In happier news, I went “public” on social media.  I wanted to poke fun at pregnancy photo shoots and I was planning on doing something completely ridiculous involving a picture of both my cats paws on my belly and something like “we are adding to our pack!,” but it proved to be very difficult to execute and I suck at photoshop so i did this instead:

“I’m excited to finally announce that I’m having a baby in March! This purposefully solo project has been a really long journey for me and I’m so happy to finally be sharing this with my amazing community. I can’t wait for you all to meet my little bean!”


The response was overwhelming and I feel so incredibly loved and supported.  The lone annoying comment was from my dumbass cousin who asked “like a real baby.?” umm “yes!” its not an ultrasound of a cat.  I decided to completely own that I’m a single mom by choice because it’s awesome and I’m proud of it.  The next day my mom wrote something on her facebook and revealed the gender (which i purposefully din’t do).  I was not amused, but I decided to let it go because she is so happy and excited about the baby.  I have a feeling I’m going to have to “let go” of a lot of things involving my mom over the next few years..


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