12 weeks tomorrow!

I have pretty much told everyone in my immediate vicinity about the baby at this point.  I’m planning a ridiculous facebook announcement to put up soon.  It pokes fun at the idea of pregnancy announcements  so hopefully it won’t offend too many people.

My nausea is finally getting better.  I was about to start taking a pretty hardcore drug called Zofran but the day after I was supposed to pick it up, things started getting better so I’ve decided to wait it out.

My energy is also getting much better and I had an actual weekend where I saw people and stayed out past 8.  Friday, I saw the movie IT (i love horror movies) and it was surprisingly good.  Saturday I had to work and then I officiated a wedding!  It was my first time marrying people and I was super nervous but it went great.  I got to see a lot of my former co-workers and it was fun to tell everyone about the pregnancy.  On Sunday I went with my friend and her 6 month old to a free petting zoo in Berkeley.  It was super fun and he seemed really excited about the animals.

I got the results of my genetic test and she is still a girl and all the genetics look good.  I wasn’t super surprised because it was a PGS tested embryo but it was still a relief.  It was also reassuring to know the baby is still in there and growing because they were able to pull enough fetal DNA from my blood to get the results.  I have my next ultrasound in about 10 days and I’m anxious to see her looking slightly more baby-like on the scan.

Last week I failed the one hour glucose test which isn’t a huge surprise because of my PCOS (which causes insulin intolerance).  They usually don’t give the test this early and it was hard drinking the gross sugary drink and not puking.  The nurse had no sympathy for my plight and kept telling me to speed up.  If I did puke I would have tried to aim for her shoes.  I now have to take a 3 hour test which I’m planning on doing tomorrow if it works out.  I’m preparing myself for getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes which totally sucks but at this point I just have to deal with it.

My pregnancy tracker sends me articles every day about the horrors of pregnancy.  One of them last week was about how some pregnant people grow third (fully lactating) nipples.  I’ve never talked to anyone who had this happen (or maybe they kept it a secret?) but it I get one I’m telling everybody!

Oh and my belly is definitely getting rounder and tighter around the sides.  I’m not sure I look pregnant yet but I think that is going to happen soon which seems completely surreal.

Here is a scary picture of what the baby is supposed to look like this week and a cute picture of my cats so this doesn’t end on a creepy note.



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