Telling my parents

A few days ago I told my parents I’m pregnant. I was so so scared because they are pretty conservative and they didn’t know anything about the past 1.5 years of me trying to conceive. When I called, I asked them both to get on the phone which aroused a lot of suspicion. Then, I just blurted out: ” I’m pregnant, it’s a girl, and she’s coming in March!” There was an awkward silence and I said ” I’m serious, this isn’t a joke.”

I can’t remember exactly what they said ( I think it was something like “Wow we are shocked!” Then I just told them about how I found out I had fertility issues when I was trying with my ex- husband and I knew I needed to act on things soon because I’m 39. I also told them all about the IVF and how I only got the one good embryo.

They were really supportive and excited about it. I only got one comment from my mom about how I may not be able to afford it and I said that I can and changed the subject.

The next day my mom sent me this email:

I am so excited for you!  I was awake half of the night thinking of you and the baby.  I want you to keep the RELIC( I’ll explain the relic later) until after the baby is born and pray to it every day for a happy, healthy baby!  I love you and if you need anything let me know!   Love, Mom.  Also, let me know when I can tell people – I’m so excited!!!

I can’t tell you how happy this made me. As cliche as it is to say- I really feel like a huge weight has been lifted.

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