9 weeks

I found another site with baby size comparisons and it says she is now the size of a sushi roll and is officially a fetus.

I’m still feeling pretty awful although I’m able to eat fine despite my lack of appetite. On Thursday I was so nauseous I bolted out of work early, sat in the pregnant/disabled seats on the train home with a look on my face that said ” don’t fuck with me” and dry heaved in the bathroom before passing out for a 14 hour night of sleep.

I also had a rough day earlier in the week where I was super nauseous the entire day. I took a walk during lunch and decided to do something to celebrate that I’m excited about this pregnancy because my sole focus over the last few weeks has been around trying to make it through work and life without puking or falling asleep. So I went into a store and bought a tiny dinosaur printed onesie and I imagined my tiny baby wearing it.

I’m still canceling plans a lot but I did manage to rally to go to a wedding yesterday and I stayed until 8:30 PM because I’m a party animal. I’ve found that I have more energy when I push myself to do things ( and it helped that the wedding was ridiculously fun) but it’s so hard to motivate. Today I woke up feeling a tiny bit better than I have in weeks so maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel…

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