8 weeks

So my embryo is the size of a raspberry or a kidney bean. I’m unsure why most of the baby size charts compare it to food. Maybe because they are sexist and assume all women know about food? I have no idea.

I’m still super grateful to be pregnant but holy crap do I feel like shit. I am exhausted most of the time and I just daydream about being home in bed. I also have an upset stomach 70-80% of the day. I’m usually able to eat normal meals but only stuff I really want to eat. I’m obsessed with bagels and cream cheese. So my gluten and dairy free diet has completely gone by the wayside. I’m hoping to pick it back up ( at least partially ) when I don’t feel so crappy.

The toughest part about feeling like this is that I’ve been canceling plans with friends a lot. It sucks to be missing out on stuff I want to do! And work continues to be super hard because I just want to put my head down and nap. I pulled a 14 hour day on Wednesday because I flew to LA to give a training and I almost slept in my clothes. Only 4 more weeks to my second trimester where I am hoping for some reprieve. Here is what the embryo supposedly looks like right now:

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