7 weeks

I’m definitely starting to feel more pregnant.  Mostly, its just serious exhaustion-almost like being constantly jetlagged.  I’ve been taking a lot of naps and have been going to bed much earlier.  No serious morning sickness yet.  Just a little bit of queasiness when I first wake up.  As long as I drink some water right away it’s fine.  Sometimes I check to make sure my breasts are still sore-just to reassure myself that the embryo is still there.

I’m also having crazy dreams.  The weirdest one was a few nights ago where I dreamed that I grew a third nipple.  I called my HMO’s advice nurse and they were really unhelpful. She said I had taken the wrong combination of medications and should probably hire a lawyer.  (My HMO is even unhelpful in my dreams.)   I was on an old school phone with a long cord and couldn’t hear them very well.  At some point it was established I was having triplets so I really needed that third nipple..

I also keep playing the ultrasound over in my head.  I still can’t believe I saw a tiny heartbeat.  I do have to say I felt my singleness a lot during this appointment.  One of the nurses asked if I brought a friend with me and I felt compelled to give her a bunch of excuses (it was 45 minutes from home in the middle of the workday).  I definitely started tearing up when I first saw the amniotic sack and also when I hard the heartbeat but I didn’t get super emotional because I was just with the nurse and the doctor.  I’m definitely going to bring someone to my 20 week anatomy scan.

So my little embryo is now the size of a blueberry (at least according to the internet).  It’s pretty wild that she was microscopic a few weeks ago.  Here is what she should look like right now (at least according to a very un-scientific google image search):


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