After my first beta test, the nurses at my fertility clinic advised me to contact my health insurance company to tell them I’m pregnant.  The main reason is that they should now be paying for my meds and my blood tests because I have a baby growing in my uterus.

I fought super hard to get an early appointment at my HMO for this reason.  They usually don’t do first OB appointments until 7 weeks gestation but they made an exception for me (probably to shut me up).  I met with the OB on Tuesday.  I really liked her and she agreed to order the meds and weekly beta/progesterone tests.  She also said she would be consulting with a fertility specialist because I’m on a pretty aggressive coarse of treatment.

I went to pick up my meds yesterday and they were more expensive than they were when I was paying 100% out of pocket.  This makes absolutely no sense.  One of the medications was $8 out of pocket and is $45 with my insurance!  The American health care system is seriously fucked up.  Also, is my HMO turning a big profit from selling me medications at higher costs?  I thought the whole point of insurance was that it was supposed to be cheaper when you do pay for things like medication?

I also just got an email from my OB that the specialist disagrees with my fertility clinic’s coarse of treatment and they won’t give any additional refills.  I’m too anxious about my ultrasound on Monday to worry too much about this.  If all goes well, I suppose I’ll see if Dr. Cowboy can write a letter like he did with my fibroid surgery.

Please cross you fingers that my embryo is growing well and has a fetal pole thing and a yolk sack and a heartbeat.  The app I’ve been using to track my pregnancy says the embryo should look like this (I think they just copied it from the movie Alien):

img_3782.png cc66544508d2f42a109c082377c796ed--alien-vs-predator-horror-movies



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