9 weeks

I found another site with baby size comparisons and it says she is now the size of a sushi roll and is officially a fetus.

I’m still feeling pretty awful although I’m able to eat fine despite my lack of appetite. On Thursday I was so nauseous I bolted out of work early, sat in the pregnant/disabled seats on the train home with a look on my face that said ” don’t fuck with me” and dry heaved in the bathroom before passing out for a 14 hour night of sleep.

I also had a rough day earlier in the week where I was super nauseous the entire day. I took a walk during lunch and decided to do something to celebrate that I’m excited about this pregnancy because my sole focus over the last few weeks has been around trying to make it through work and life without puking or falling asleep. So I went into a store and bought a tiny dinosaur printed onesie and I imagined my tiny baby wearing it.

I’m still canceling plans a lot but I did manage to rally to go to a wedding yesterday and I stayed until 8:30 PM because I’m a party animal. I’ve found that I have more energy when I push myself to do things ( and it helped that the wedding was ridiculously fun) but it’s so hard to motivate. Today I woke up feeling a tiny bit better than I have in weeks so maybe there is light at the end of this tunnel…

8 weeks

So my embryo is the size of a raspberry or a kidney bean. I’m unsure why most of the baby size charts compare it to food. Maybe because they are sexist and assume all women know about food? I have no idea.

I’m still super grateful to be pregnant but holy crap do I feel like shit. I am exhausted most of the time and I just daydream about being home in bed. I also have an upset stomach 70-80% of the day. I’m usually able to eat normal meals but only stuff I really want to eat. I’m obsessed with bagels and cream cheese. So my gluten and dairy free diet has completely gone by the wayside. I’m hoping to pick it back up ( at least partially ) when I don’t feel so crappy.

The toughest part about feeling like this is that I’ve been canceling plans with friends a lot. It sucks to be missing out on stuff I want to do! And work continues to be super hard because I just want to put my head down and nap. I pulled a 14 hour day on Wednesday because I flew to LA to give a training and I almost slept in my clothes. Only 4 more weeks to my second trimester where I am hoping for some reprieve. Here is what the embryo supposedly looks like right now:

My blueberry

I had my 7 week ultrasound this morning and everything looks great! She is now the size of a blueberry and I got to hear her heartbeat again. My next appointment isn’t until 14 weeks. It will be nice to have a break so I can just relax and ” enjoy” being pregnant.




We have reached the nausea portion of our program.

So morning sickness has fully kicked in. It's more like a constant nauseous feeling where I have no interest in eating whatsoever. I always feel better when I make myself eat something- which is mainly cereal and string cheese. I'm also super thirsty and exhausted. Work is going to be rough until this subsides.

I had a decent weekend despite feeling like crap. I went to a rally/march in response to the nazi march in Charlottesville, saw some art, and went to brunch.

It's a very scary time to be bringing a life into the world.

7 week ultrasound is tomorrow. I'm not as nervous given all of my pregnancy symptoms but it will be great to get confirmation that she's still growing.

7 weeks

I’m definitely starting to feel more pregnant.  Mostly, its just serious exhaustion-almost like being constantly jetlagged.  I’ve been taking a lot of naps and have been going to bed much earlier.  No serious morning sickness yet.  Just a little bit of queasiness when I first wake up.  As long as I drink some water right away it’s fine.  Sometimes I check to make sure my breasts are still sore-just to reassure myself that the embryo is still there.

I’m also having crazy dreams.  The weirdest one was a few nights ago where I dreamed that I grew a third nipple.  I called my HMO’s advice nurse and they were really unhelpful. She said I had taken the wrong combination of medications and should probably hire a lawyer.  (My HMO is even unhelpful in my dreams.)   I was on an old school phone with a long cord and couldn’t hear them very well.  At some point it was established I was having triplets so I really needed that third nipple..

I also keep playing the ultrasound over in my head.  I still can’t believe I saw a tiny heartbeat.  I do have to say I felt my singleness a lot during this appointment.  One of the nurses asked if I brought a friend with me and I felt compelled to give her a bunch of excuses (it was 45 minutes from home in the middle of the workday).  I definitely started tearing up when I first saw the amniotic sack and also when I hard the heartbeat but I didn’t get super emotional because I was just with the nurse and the doctor.  I’m definitely going to bring someone to my 20 week anatomy scan.

So my little embryo is now the size of a blueberry (at least according to the internet).  It’s pretty wild that she was microscopic a few weeks ago.  Here is what she should look like right now (at least according to a very un-scientific google image search):


My last injection!

And my ultrasound is tomorrow 😳. I did a good job of distracting myself today but the nerves are revving up for a long night.

I've been feeling pretty exhausted the last 3 days ( like continual jet lag) and my breasts are sore as hell which is reassuring….Eeek only 14 hours to go..