So this happened…

Two days ago, (5 days post transfer) I went to a baseball game with my coworkers.  It was super fun but I was feeling a bit off and achy and was having a pinching feeling on the left side of my uterus.  When I got home, I was reading an online forum and saw that someone had received a positive result 6 days post transfer.  I decided “fuck it..i’ll test now and it will probably be negative.”  But it wasn’t…


I seriously didn’t believe myself so I went to my friend’s apartment (she lives across the hall) and asked her to look at it and she was like “yes, that is a line!”  It was totally surreal and I texted a few people.  I barely slept that night and took another one in the morning. Still a line.  Yesterday at work was I was busy but in a haze.  I scheduled my “beta” blood tests for Saturday and Monday.

I’ve decided I’m not taking any more urine tests because it’s making me a little crazy. I took a third this morning that was a different version of the brand that I took for the first two and it was slightly lighter than the other two lines (but positive). Then I took a less sensitive test my friend gave me and it was negative so I convinced myself for a while that this was terrible news-although I know rationally that results vary by test. And I’m only at 7 days post transfer. It’s like my brain just wants to find something to worry about. So it’s cautious happiness and waiting to pass the next hurdle.  Keep your fingers and toes crossed for me!

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