My belly

Recently, several people on the subway to work have mistaken me for being pregnant due to, what I call my “PCOS” belly.  I’ve had this belly for years and have dealt with clients and strangers thinking I’m pregnant for a long time.  But I have never had it so consistently since I started taking the train to work.  These interactions are always in the context of people offering me their seats.  While their intentions are good, these interactions suck.  I have spent a ton of time working on loving my body but its hard to keep being reminded that my body is constantly being scrutinized.  Not to mention the sting of being mistaken for pregnant when it’s something I want more than anything right now.

In other news, my “Clearblue Easy”  ovulation test results were wrong!  The directions say its 99% accurate, so I was pretty shocked when my RE told me that I definitely didn’t ovulate.  I’m going back on July 3rd for another ultrasound and blood test which will hopefully show that its finally time to get this party started.

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