I met with my therapist for the second time on Tuesday.  Most of our conversation was dominated by my fears that I will never get pregnant.  She gave me the homework of responding to my fears with a mantra of “I have prepared my body as much as I can for this baby.”  As part of this work, I have been taking pictures of the nutritious and yummy meals I’ve been having over the past week. Here are a few highlights:


Mushroom soup with ginger/turkey meatballs from my amazing Sunbasket meal service.


Salad with grilled peaches, almonds, shaved fennel, grilled corn and chicken from my favorite lunch spot Mixt Greens.


Mashed Cauliflower and beef kebobs with pistachio relish.  Also from Sunbasket and probably one of my favorite things I have made with them so far.


A quick breakfast of eggs, sweet potatoes, and onions.  The potatoes and onions were from Imperfect Produce-a newish service where you can buy produce that can’t be sold in stores due to size, shape, and surplus.  You just choose what you get each week and they deliver it to you with no delivery charge.  I got a huge box of cauliflower, broccoli, lettuce, peaches, homemade raisins, and apricots for about $15!  I’m not sure if they are available outside of the Bay Area but the website is here.

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