I talked to Dr. Cowboy this afternoon and he thinks I am ready for my frozen embryo transfer in and around July 6th!  He was super not a jerk about the weight stuff and said that he is happy that I am eating much better, taking supplements, and most importantly-feeling much better.

He also said I can do a “natural FET cycle” instead of one with medications because my period has been super regular since I had my surgery.  A “medicated” cycle requires a lot of injections and trigger shots to ensure ovulation and that the uterine lining is thick and ready for a baby to stick to it (my super scientific explanation). So less drugs = way less $$ too.

The nurse had originally wanted to schedule a $1600 anti-body test to see if i have a (rare-ish) mutation that can cause miscarriage.  But we agreed that I can just take the drugs that would treat the mutation because they are way less expensive and could only stand to improve my chances.

Now my job is to take really good care of my body until this goes down.  yay!


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