trying not to freak out…

…for two reasons:

1. Betsy Devos (a billionaire) who was appointed secretary of eduction by Trump (another billionaire) have proposed to eliminate the public service loan forgiveness program that I am a part of.  Basically, I pay about $550 a month on an income based plan and as long as I stay in public service for 10 years my debt will be forgiven (about $130 K).  I have counted on this plan for the entirety of my legal career and although I absolutely love my job in public interest law and I can’t imagine ever doing anything else-I would have made some different choices over the last 9 years if this wasn’t an option.  I’m cautiously optimistic that they won’t be able to eliminate this program proactively, but I don’t trust anything this evil and enittled administration does so who knows..


2. I’m talking to my doctor tomorrow about my up-coming frozen embryo transfer!  I’m worried he will give me shit for not losing all of the weight-but he has always been a non-judgemental and nice guy so I’m hoping my concerns are unfounded.  I’m still trying to eat well and take care of my body but I was starting to get a little too obsessed and I am absolutely not going down that path.  I started trying to find a therapist so I willl definitely be talking about this stuff with them when they come on the scene.

To end things on a positive note, here are my adorable kitties..


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