yay therapy!

One of the things I hate the most about this process is all of the waiting.  You have the awful two week waits in between insemination/transfer and pregnancy tests.  You have the wait for your period to start so you can begin another round treatment.  And I am in the midst of a five month wait from my fibroid surgery.

I’m an incredibly proactive person and it’s super, duper, frustrating to have absolutely nothing I can do to get me closer to my goal. As a result I find myself going down the unhelpful rabbit hole of online forums, statistics and research.  I was also focusing a ton on weight loss and I’m trying hard to remind myself that I still have a great shot at pregnancy if the number on the scale is a few pounds more than the doctor wants it to be.

In more positive news, I bit the bullet and called evil HMO to ask for therapy.  In the past, they had refused to approve me for it and tried to funnel me into a group about depression or something.  But they got sued by a bunch of people and now they have agreed to pay for therapy from an outside network!  I haven’t talked to a therapist since I started trying to get pregnant because I thought I would be paying out of pocket and this would be about $400 a month-so this is a huge relief.  Although I have to say that it’s a sad state of affairs when you excitedly text your friends about getting approved for necessary health care and they respond with party emojis….


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