cha cha cha changes…

Let me catch you up on the tornado that has been the last four weeks of my life:

I got a new job! This is bittersweet because I really love my current job.  BUT, I spend over three hours a day commuting AND I have not been making enough to support me and a future kid on my own (especially in the SF Bay Area).  My new gig involves similar-ish work but my commute will go from 1.5 hours to 19 minutes (on public transportation).  That’s an extra 60 hours a month or 30 more days a year of free time!  Also, the new job involves a 38% pay increase-which will just about cover day care when the time comes.  My last day is next Friday and I am going to miss my co-workers and clients terribly.

Finding out I got the job was pretty dramatic.  It took them several weeks to make a decision and I was pretty much freaking out the whole time.  When they finally called me they said they had offered the job to someone else and he accepted.  BUT, they decided to create a position for me too!  It was like the Apprentice (minus the horrible fascist host).

I’m going to Mexico! My new job recommended that I take a week in between so I booked a quick vacation on three weeks notice.  I usually try and keep my trips in the low/mid range sections of the Lonely Planet guide but for this trip I went all out.  My only parameters were lying on a beach and doing nothing.  I decided on Mexico because it’s close, reasonably cheap, and I speak Spanish.  I landed on one of those cheap vacations websites.  They had an option called “vacation of fortune” where you pay an even bigger discounted rate for an all-inclusive package and I went for it.  Shockingly, it seems to have worked out well.  I got flights, 4 nights at an all-inclusive 5 star resort (including food and drinks) in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, for less than $900!  The flights are pretty gnarly (i’m flying from San Francisco –> Las Vegas–> New York–> Cancun) for no logical reason, but hey-the price is right!  Fingers crossed that this isn’t a huge scam.


My BFF (and other SMC) had her baby! My amazing friend just had her baby!  She is also a single mom by choice and has been a big inspiration for me making this decision for myself.  The birth didn’t go as planned (homebirth to emergency c-section) but they are both doing great and I’m in love!  Hanging out with this new guy has really solidified for me that this is the right choice.  Or maybe it’s all the baby pheromones?

I went on some dates I met some pretty nice guys and one not so nice dude who mansplained that concepts of Tiki Bars (?) and the Country of Indonesia (a country I have been to and he has never set foot in).  Nothing panned out but the important thing is that I am pushing myself and getting out there.