IVF pregnancy less successful with two embryos, study finds

Research shows if a healthy embryo is transferred alongside one of poorer quality then chance of pregnancy is reduced by 27%.


Well this has me second guessing my decision to transfer my one PGS embryo and my one “iffy” guy together.

Read the whole article here.

Happy New year??

Everyone is obsessed with talking about how 2016 was the worst year ever.  I partially agreed with them as 2016 saw the election of a fascist sociopath as our president and we lost Prince, David Bowie, Carrie Fisher, George Michael, etc. but I was never very passionate about it…until New Years Eve.

Me and a few friends had tickets to a show to see the band Sleater Kinney.  I was super, duper excited to have NYE plans that didn’t involve going to some mediocre party (while secretly wishing i was at home in my PJ’s).

We got to the venue super early so we could have a good dinner beforehand.  We were having a hard time finding a place to eat because we had no reservations and it was NYE (oops) so we were walking around popping into places to see how long the waits were.  While standing on a corner near a park we noticed a small basset hound run into traffic.  He got hit by a car going about 15mph, rolled under it, and was spit out the back end.  The car didn’t even stop.

The dog started howling and running toward the curb so i got in the street and grabbed him.  He was screaming in pain and i comforted him while we all thought about what to do.  A bunch of other people came over to us and a couple yelled out that they saw someone searching for his dog in the park.  We told them to go get this person ASAP.  Then the dog kind of collapsed in my arms and I thought he was dead.  We then noticed him breathing and realized he was probably in shock.  Then his owner came running and threw himself on top of the dog sobbing.  We comforted him and we helped him get in a taxi to the vet.

So yeah… I ended 2016 holding a dying dog in my arms.  I think this must be a metaphor or something.