I had an ultrasound Monday and Dr. Cowboy counted 25 follicles growing! They measured the biggest eight and 7 were 9mm and 1 was 8 mm. They are going to keep me on the same doses of meds but the retrieval will be pushed back to Sunday or Monday to give them all more time to grow. My estradiol was still pretty low at a 426 but they explained that my follicles are still really small. This didn’t stop me from googling estradiol levels all day and freaking myself out. So thankful for my friends and the online Single Mothers by Choice community for talking me down!

I’m definitely starting to feel the bloat and a bit of nausea. My acupuncturist ( who I still need to write about because she is amazing!) wants me to eat even MORE protein. She suggested I have three eggs for breakfast each morning. Here is a picture of the aftermath this morning on my awesome new Frankenstein plate:

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