The blip

I’m starting to feel a bit better.  Talking to other people in the same boat has really helped.

I decided to ask for the sex of my two embryos and they are both female!  The doctor thinks the mosaic is transferable so I really have two shots (well maybe one and 3/4).  Now, the waiting game of the surgery and (now six month healing time afterwards) is going to be the hardest part.

One of my amazing co-workers who talked me down when I got the news reminded me of her own infertility journey.  For her it lasted several years and she reassured me that she now sees it as a “blip” in her past.  So I’m going to keep reminding myself that I am just in a small blip in the timeline of my life.

Got the shitty news that only one of my embryos tested as normal.  One more is “transferable” but something called mosaic.  I’m too sad to share more right now so here is a picture of my cat:


I met with the surgeon yesterday and my surgery was approved!  She pulled up my MRI and showed me that the fibroid is stuck on the top of my uterus and is making its way inside the muscle.

The bad news is they are not available until February 9th to do it AND I will have to wait 3 months to transfer my embryos.  Also, I will have to have a c-section if I get pregnant.

Trying to keep focusing on the positive….

There is a possibility that I can get in sooner as long as I keep emailing them asking for an earlier date. You bet I will be bugging them every week.

I got an update on how my little embryos are doing:

Eight of my little buddies made it to blastocyst and were frozen and bi-opsied.

I know being 38 and having eight frozen blastocysts is awesome. But, I can’t help but be a bit disappointed that only 20% of my 35 made it. 

The doctor explained that when someone has as many eggs as I did, it’s not abnormal to have a lower number make it to this far. He also reassured me that this does not mean my eight have a higher likelihood of being abnormal. 

We are going to talk in detail when the results come in. 

The IVF roller coaster continues….


The election of a racist, misogynist, hateful and disgusting white supremacist is just sinking in. It’s hard to get excited about the possibility of bringing a child into the world right now.