The drugs have landed.

It’s funny how they made their way across two oceans, through customs in Queens and the second they hit the U.S. postal service all went to hell.  I’m just relived to have them in hand.  The Menopur are in the old school glass vials that you have to break but the nurse said she would teach me at my baseline appointment.  But it’s worth a little more pain in the ass for a $1600 savings.





After a frantic online search I learned that Purgeon is the same as Follistim-the name is just different outside of the U.S.. (whew..!).

I also had a minor freak out because I forgot to take my birth control on Wednesday but the nurse told me to just take it now.  I’m learning that IVF is all about little freak outs.

Speaking of drugs, here is a picture of all of the drugs and supplements I have been taking every day.  I’ve mastered being able to take it all in one big gulp!


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