The count.


I just got back from my antral follicle count.  The doctor met with me on a Sunday…yes a Sunday.  Do rich people with fancy insurance always get to go to the doctor on Sunday?

The office was like a spa.  No screaming, angry kids, and sick and annoyed adults.  Instead the waiting room had a freaking water fall and the fanciest tea I’ve ever seen (i stole a few packets for home).

Dr. Cowboy is one of the sweetest and most calming people I have ever met. He did the procedure very slowly and asked several times if I was uncomfortable.

The good news: my follicle count was a 22!  The doctor said women with a good ovarian reserve usually have a count of 12 so I’m in great shape.  He also said that in this case PCOS puts me at a fertility advantage.  Go team PCOS!

The bad news: I have two large 400 and 600 MM fibroids on the back and in the muscle of my uterus.  They are about the size of a grapefruit.  Luckily the fibroids aren’t in the lining of my uterus (which would impact implantation/fertility) but he is concerned that they could grow to the size of a baby’s head if I get pregnant-which would subject me to all the pain/risk of a twin pregnancy without the extra baby.  This could include pre-term labor.  He thinks they need to come out which will delay my plans a bit.  My heart sank when he told me this.

The plan is to do the retrieval as planned (beginning of November) and put those guys on ice; do the surgery on my fibroids ; and give my body time to heal before the frozen embryo transfer-likely in January/February.

Ughhh.  I am less than thrilled about having surgery but more bummed out that this will push things back even more! Dr. Cowboy is going to write a letter to my HMO to recommend that they do the surgery.  There is no way I can afford to pay for it out of pocket.  The thought of fighting with my HMO about this gives me a stomach ache.

I also felt my singleness a lot after this appointment.  I felt so lonely driving back from the appointment that I started to cry. I forced myself to sing along to Sleater Kinney and spent the rest of the day watching netflix in my pj’s.  Yay for self care.

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