Eating like a cave woman

I am absolutely not into the idea of this turning into a weight loss blog so I won’t give you progress on that.  What I’m comfortable sharing is that I’m feeling pretty amazing.  I have been eating paleo since I got back from the woods. I’ve spent a lot of time making fun of the paleo diet over the last few years.  When you live in the SF Bay Area it’s hard to not get cynical about nutrition fads.  I

That said, paleo seems to be working for me.  I’m not hungry and I’m generally satisfied with my meals.  To keep my sanity, I’ve been allowing myself a few breaks on the weekend as long as they are gluten and dairy free (usually pizza or a sandwich).  I’m also subscribing to this amazing meal subscription service called Sunbasket that has paleo meals.  It’s a bit expensive but it’s all locally sourced, organic and antibiotic free stuff and its delicious.

In addition to having a lot more energy, it feels great to be something positive toward my fertility goal.  It’s also such a big motivator.

I’m having my antral follicle count on the 18th and am hoping for good news…



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