Feeling conflicted.


After reading the studies (and preparing to tender $15K to Dr. Cowboy) I’ve decided to go gluten and dairy free and to make an effort to lower my BMI.  I want to have the best chances possible of this working.  But, I feel like a fat positive hypocrite.  After some thought I decided I can hold both feelings.  Everyone, regardless of size, deserves to be treated with respect.  Part of this respect is the right to decide for yourself what you will do with your body.  I’ve decided to go all in here because I really, really want this treatment to work.  This is my decision.  But, it still feels kinda icky.

I decided to start with the Whole 30 (well actually the whole 14) because I’m going backpacking over labor day weekend and it will be next to impossible to stick with it on the trail.  The Whole 30 is pretty extreme.  Basically, you avoid all grains, dairy, any processed foods, or sugar.

Today is day 3.  On the first few days I was   hungry and tired and cranky.  I also had a 48 hour headache.  I’ve never put much stock into the idea of a detox but the reaction I’m having is kind of scary.

Last night, without thinking about it, I googled photos of pizza…


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