A little advice with your sperm?

I went in for another uneventful IUI (but 2-3 follicles this time!).  At my last ultrasound, one of the nurse practitioners confided in me that she is also a single mom by choice!  She said she has a teen aged son and it is the best decision she ever made.

After my IUI she told me that the likelihood of success with IUI’s goes down sharply after number three.  She asked me what my money situation is and I told her that I have a chunk of (slowly depleating money) to use for treatment.  She said that if I have the money I shoudl seriously consider moving on to IVF next because the chance of success is so much higher.  She made me an appintment with my HMO’s IVF specialist and suggested I loko into private clinics because I am paying out of pocket anyway. Fingers crossed I won’t have to look into IVF!..